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Payment Method

Having entered the registration data, the Customer has to choose the payment method:

1. the Customer is directed to the integrated system "mokėjimai.lt" where he can pay with the help of an already created payment order that can be processed through e-banking. A Customer wishing to pay through the e-banking system selects his bank. He will then be directed to the website of his bank where he will have to log in. The window with the created invoice will open immediately.;

2. payment by credit card. Should the Customer wish to pay by credit card, he has to select the type of credit card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) and enter the requested data from the card. When paying by credit card the Customer does not give his data to the Linen Room, because the Customer is directed to the safe server of certified service providers to make his payment;

3. payment by international payment order. This type of payment applies only to foreign Customers, i. e. Customers purchasing goods who reside outside the Republic of Lithuania and only when payment is made in Euros. Following the selection of this type of payment, the Linen Room will provide all legal details of the Vendor necessary to process the payment order. When filling in an international payment order, the field for payment reference must be filled in with the unique payment number given to the Customer.

As soon as the Linen Room receives notice from the bank about the successful payment, it shall email the confirmation to the email address indicated by the Customer and shall start preparing the order.