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Where the Customer does not like the shape, size, colour, model of the item or some items in the set, he shall have a right to exchange the good for a similar one within a period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the day of delivery.

Where the Linen Room does not have an appropriate item for the Exchange, the Customer shall have the right to return the item to the Linen Room within the time limit specified in point 5.1. and be reimbursed the payment made except for the costs of delivery. 

If the customer wishes to exchange or return a purchased item, he must do so in writing to the Linen Room. This written request is submitted while filling in the Form for the Return of Goods available at the Shop. 

 The Customer may use his right to return or exchange the purchased good where the Customer has retained the documents certifying the purchase (the invoice, the copy of the payment order) and presents them during the return of goods and the purchased good corresponds to the following requirements:

• the item has not been used;

• the item has retained its marketable appearance (labels are intact, protective packaging has not been torn, etc.);

• the item is not damaged;

• the consumption features have been retained;

• the item is the same item that was delivered to the Customer;

• the item is returned in its original package.

In cases when an item is exchanged and there is a difference in price, the Customer shall pay the price difference to the Linen Room where the price of the replacement item is more expensive than the item being returned. The Linen Room shall refund the difference to the Customer where the item returned is more expensive than the replacement item. The price difference shall be paid by credit transfer to the bank account of the respective party.