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How to buy?


We recommend that first of all you register at the Internet shop ”Linen Room“ and then select your goods. However, you will also be able to do this after adding your goods to the shopping cart.


You must do the following if you wish to purchase goods at the Internet shop ”Linen Room“:


1. Select the good you wish to purchase, indicate the quantity, colour and size and then press Add to CartShould you wish to select more goods, continue browsing the Internet shop ‒ the selected goods will remain in the memory of the Shopping cartRepeat this procedure for each purchase. 


2. Select the menu item Shopping cart View on the left side of the website when you have finished your shopping.


3. A new window will open and you will be able to see the goods you have added to your cart as well as their price and amount. You can delete items or add more. Select the delivery type and you will see the gross sum to be paid for goods and delivery. Press Continue if the information is correct.


4. Should you wish to proceed with your purchase, you must register now. New customers must register. To do this, select Create a new account (a new form to be completed by the customer will open). Customers who have already registered must sign in using their User name and Password, which they received when they first registered. To do this select Continue.


5. The window Shipping Information will open and the system will automatically enter the delivery address submitted by you during the initial registration. If you wish you can update and change the delivery address on this page. Please note ‒ your goods will be sent to this address! If the data is correct, press Continue and you will be able to confirm your order.


6. First of all read the Terms and conditions of the Internet shop ”Linen Room“ and only then confirm the order. Check the payment data and press Buy.


7. You will be directed to the integrated system "mokėjimai.lt“ where you will be able to pay with the help of the payment order already created and that can be carried out through e-banking or by credit card. Should you wish to pay through the e-banking system, select your bank. You will be immediately directed to the website of your bank where you will have to log in. The window with the created invoice will open. Should you wish to pay by credit card, select the type of credit card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) and enter the requested data from the card. When paying by credit card, we do not retain your data, because your payment will be carried out on the safe server of certified service providers.


8. As soon as we received confirmation from your bank that the payment has been successful, we will send you a confirmation email and start preparing your order.


Should you encounter any problems while shopping or if you do not receive the confirmation email, please call us at +370 674 69560 or email your questions to info@linokambarys.lt.